It’s time to start putting plans in place to ensure ‘your pride and joy’ is cared for during the Autumn and Winter months. Our ‘All Inclusive’ car storage service covers every eventuality to ensure all vehicles are kept in peak condition, and ready to go at your request.

The main factor to be monitored and controlled during the winter months is humidity; storing your vehicle in a damp environment can have serious rusting effects. At TMS Car Storage, we have two custom built dehumidifiers that work efficiently to maintain an optimum humidity level of below 60% at all times.

TMS Car Storage are delighted to announce that JNT Automotive Detailing will be working from our premium facility from Autumn 2016. JNT Automotive Detailing will be offering a ‘Protection Detail’ service; the ultimate requirement for long lasting protection, for your vehicle.

Josh Trapp, the founder of JNT Automotive Detailing, says: “Winter months are particularly hard on your car, the protection coating we apply acts as a barrier between your paintwork and the outside world. The coatings resist against light swirls, tree sap, bird droppings, road salt and a variety of other contaminants. This protection, combined with the self cleaning properties of the coatings, will help to maintain your car bodywork for 3-5 years.”

The perfect combination: safe, secure, stored by TMS Car Storage, and now protected by JNT Automotive Detailing ensuring your vehicle is in the best possible condition through the Winter, and beyond.

To take advantage of our care and protect winter storage solution, please call Glen on: 07837 665283.