As the Summer begins to draw to a close, we can reflect on what has been a short but certainly sweet few months.

We were so pleased to see so many client cars on the road for our Summer event; and for their own adventures. Given the current situation, we are unlikely to be able to hold another event until 2021…keep in touch to be one of the first to know our plans.

September has seen a major shift towards ‘Detailing’. We take great pride in all of our car enhancement work, whether it be a simple Exterior Detail or a Full Paint Correction, we believe in providing Care, Quality, and Transparency at the forefront of our services.

This week we completed a ‘Single Stage Enhancement Detail’ on this Mega M2 Competition:

JNT Automotive Detailing spent 10 hours on this car, and the results are spectacular! The key to achieving such an outstanding finish, is to spend the correct amount of time, and the upmost care.


We always ensure we have evaluated the vehicle prior to any detailing work, using our experience to give honest feedback and recommendations to our customers, before collectively deciding the best course of Detailing action.

In collaboration with JNT Automotive Detailing, we strive to exceed expectations on every car we work on and we continue to look forward to completing more TMS Transformations in the future!

For more information about our dedicated ‘Detailing’ services, please Contact Us