We have completed a range of different details during July, which have produced fantastic results!

All our details start with a meticulous inspection to identify the areas that need special attention and our partner JNT Automotive Detailing works diligently until we are happy with the end result.

We have transformed a 13 year-old Mustang GT which had undergone a rust renovation project, JNT completed a single stage machine polish, and worked on some problem areas.

‘New Car Protection Detail’ was the order of the day for this perfect Polo; a special ‘Beats Edition’ which has blown us away. The ceramic coating applied has left this first edition car looking irresistible.





This month also saw our first ‘Work Experience Week’ we took on 17-year-old Ben from Kineton High School to give him a thorough introduction to the TMS Car Storage services.

For more information on any of our services, or to enquire about work experience; please contact us